Dance for you.

I feel my days as a stripper had a lot to do in moulding me into the person I am today. I was pretty naive before I started and had too much trust in people, which led to me losing out on a lot of money and I did get myself into some difficult situations… Luckily I’m naturally street wise and had a few good people around me but I’ve seen the industry tear girls apart, most are from broken homes and don’t know what else to do but there are a good few like myself who are educated and sane of mind yet just love showing off their body. Like most careers, you have to start from the bottom and work your way up, you can’t just stroll into Stringfellows, drop your pants and expect to earn 5k a night! Reds wasn’t very pretty, and neither were most of the girls working here. Your shoes stuck to the carpet, the main pole was wiped down between girls with a stained beer mat and it was dark, dingy and the toilets constantly overflowed and left a sour taste in your mouth. Every girl has worked in a few dives and I’m no exception. It was in this hell hole that I made friends for life and met Jimmy, who is still one of my clients to this day.

Jimmy was the alpha male, a strong, silent type that every girl wanted to get to know. Far from the usual clientele he was young, handsome and incredibly charming. He owned a famous boxing gym not far from the club and was well known to the owners and anyone who was worth knowing on the Soho circuit. I hadn’t been working there long before I had heard whispers of his  name like he was a celebrity, not one to be involved with an ego I assumed he would be like the other famous guys we’d had in. They come in, think they can do whatever they want to us and make it all OK by throwing money in our faces but sadly in this deadbeat establishment that behaviour was often entertained most of the girls working here. Whilst I was here for the money, of course, I wouldn’t sell myself short for an extra £50 note and no way was I going to let a guy treat me in a way I didn’t feel comfortable. Whilst Reds overall was a little rough around the edges the door staff were good guys and they always kept an eye on us, I always felt safe and the girls knew not to involve me in any of their backstage activities…

I was working the Thursday shift which was usually pretty wild, we were over capacity and performing private dances left, right and centre. There was one curtained off section just past the main stage, a big open room which held 4 sofa’s and poles in and then a small, intimate room for just straight 1 on 1’s which was where the girls made most of their money. £25 for a lap dance or a few hundred for something which was off the menu? The owner turned a blind eye to whatever happened in that room, it was like an unwritten rule that if a girl takes a guy in there they must be left alone and nothing shall be spoken about it. Even as I got friendly with the other girls and had seen them go in there, it was never spoken about and before I became as escort the idea of being paid to perform a sexual act felt below me… Watch me strip naked and put my vagina inches from your face, but pay me to suck you off? What do you think I am! Ridiculous, eh?

I had just finished my usual routine on the pole, I really let loose on that thing and as I bent down to pick up my underwear I noticed a small crowd of guys had slipped into one of the big tables and were beckoning me over. They were all tall, well built and absolutely gorgeous. I slipped my thong back on and was just fastening my bra as one of the guys offered me his seat and flashed me a huge smile, his gold tooth glinting in the tacky lighting. One of them really stood out, he was covered in tattoo’s and had the most beautiful face I’ld ever seen. His smooth, brown skin, hazelnut eyes and toned body drew my body towards him like a magnet. He looked me dead in the eye but didn’t say a word, he seemed distant and was happy to talk amongst his friends but didn’t seem too interested in the girls. We ordered drinks and they told me about a fight they had just been to, in which one of the guys won so they were in great spirits. We were having a great time, and as 2 other girls joined us I noticed they were fawning over one guy in particular… Jimmy. He didn’t seem interested in them but he kept looking at me, I couldn’t work him out. He seemed friendly enough but didn’t seem like he was enjoying himself and I wasn’t earning enough to deal with some local celebrity who thought he was too good to pay to see a little pussy.

dance for you

As the other guys were being led off to the private rooms I found myself with Jimmy alone, he was tapping away at his phone and really didn’t look like he wanted to be there. I pulled my chair closer and out of politeness I introduced myself, fully expecting him to brush me off so I could continue with my night.

‘So you’re the famous boxing club guy, Jimmy right? You look pretty busy so I’ll leave you alone but if you need anything you just let me know… I’m Kat, by the way.’

‘Don’t go anywhere. Why do you think I made them clowns go off with them chicks, I wanted to get you alone but didn’t want to make it obvious. I have business with the owner here and I don’t usually waste my time with the girls but you seem different. Why are you here? You’re too good for this place.’

He was stern and straight to the point. There was something very alluring about his voice, and teamed with his beautiful face I pretty much melted right there and then. That wasn’t the reaction I was expecting.

‘Oh so you do talk then?’

I bit my lip and smiled at him, he laughed and leant back in his chair and looked me up and down before running his finger over the rim of his drink and looking at me like he was seeing straight into my soul.

‘I talk, but only to those worth talking to so consider yourself lucky Miss. Actually, you know what? I want to have a good night, how about you take me to one of them rooms and we can have a proper conversation without all these eyes on us.’

I didn’t notice as I was too busy staring at him, in all his perfection… But it was true, all the other girls were gawping at us. If looks could kill, I would be a dead woman.

As I said it was a busy night, the other rooms looked pretty busy and if I was going to be bad… I was going to be really bad. This guy had me weak at the knees with just one look and I didn’t want to just dance for him. I wanted him all over me, inside me. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to see if he tasted as good as he looked and there was no way I was letting him leave without finding out. I stood up, my long hair fell in front of my breasts as I leant over him and whispered in his ear that I couldn’t wait to be alone with him. He smelt so, so good. I took his hand and led him through the club to the small, intimate room and could physically feel everyone looking at us. My heels had us at near enough the same height and as he gently rested his hand on the small of my back I felt safe, secure and couldn’t wait to feel that hand all over my body.

I led him inside and he took a seat on the big, red leather chair inside. I dropped back the curtain and it felt like I had shut the world out. It was just me and him, and he had me acting so out of character I wasn’t quite sure what had come over me but all I knew was at that moment in time I needed him inside me. The urge was growling at me and every time he looked at me I felt my underwear becoming more and more useless, they were just a sticky clump of cotton by now… Conversation was the last thing on my mind, all I wanted to do was feel him inside me but as he sat back in his chair and undressed me with his eyes it was obvious he wanted a show, and I was more than happy to show him what I could do…

I began moving my hips to the music, my hands skimmed my body and my hair danced down my back as I locked eyes with his and let out a soft murmur. There was nowhere else in the world I would rather have been, he made me feel so sexy and the chemistry between us hung in the air like a silent spell. My body throbbed in rhythm to the beat of the track playing in the background and as I bent over in front of him and hooked my underwear off with my heel I heard Jimmy gently laugh and the inviting sound of his belt buckle being undone. I flicked my hair back and turned to face him, fully aware of how good my naked body looked under the soft lighting, gently glazed with sweat, desire and the raw penetration of his eyes. I sauntered over to him wearing just my heels and a smile. I licked my middle and fore fingers before rolling my nipples through them, my face aligned with his and our body language in perfect harmony. I could smell the whiskey on his breath as he sunk deeper into the chair, his hands behind his head I kneeled beside him, my full breasts tantalisingly close to his face as my nipples playfully grazed his lips as I continued to dance for him. My naked skin grinded into his firm, eager body as the tension fizzled in the air and I could feel every fibre of him wanting me. I knew this was wrong but I couldn’t help myself, I was lost in him and I wanted to make every second count. As his looked up at me his mouth fell open and I couldn’t resists placing my lips onto his. He murmured softly into my mouth as I placed his hands on the curve of my hips and swirled my soaking wet pussy onto the growing bulge beneath me. He let out a sigh and broke away from my kiss, closing his eyes shut tight as I sat back and looked up at him through my eyelashes. I knew this was wrong but my desire for him has grown too raw top stop now, I had to have him inside me and as I delicately pushed his hand towards my pussy I knew he was under my spell.

The touch of his cool hand against my skin sent an electric shiver through my body and I couldn’t hep but gasp as he ran his fingertips across my slick opening. I placed my hand over his and guided his fingers inside me, I was so wet they just slid straight in as as I quickly positioned my feet either side of him and leant back so he could see exactly what he was doing to me. I could feel my pussy already contracting in pleasure, his hands were so big, so manly and he knew really knew how to get a woman going. I gently bounced in time to the music as his fingers got to work on getting me off and I could feel my juices running down my thigh as he teased my clit with his thumb. He was so good at this, too good. I reached for his free hand and brought it to my lips, looking him dead in the eye as I sucked gently on his first two fingers. I could feel myself about to cum, but I didn’t want him to get the best of me yet. I wanted his cock, I wanted it so badly but was still feeling a lil timid as to how far I could take this. Without warning he grabbed me by the throat and pulled my face onto his as he thrust his tongue into my mouth. His kissed me with such hunger I thought I was going to explode and the feel of his huge hands around my neck were such a turn on, I felt powerless to him and I was willing to let him do absolutely anything to me at that moment.

‘Oh God Jimmy… Mmmm… I want you to….’

‘You’ll do what I say. Now undo my fucking belt.’

His entire demeanor changed in a split second and my whole body felt like a soaking wet mess. If he was to touch my pussy again I would cum instantly, I was so hot for him and he knew it. I fumbled to get his belt off but he pushed my hand out the way and pulled his cock out in seconds, he was a good 9 inches and rock hard. It felt even dirtier that he had kept his clothes on and just whipped it out like that, I felt like such a slut but I was loving every minute of it, especially the way he was being so rough with me. When I’m on top I like to start off slow, tease the tip in and out a few times before slowly sinking myself fully onto the shaft but not today… He put both of his hands under my ass and brought me down onto his huge erection and with his hands on my hips he fucked me so hard I thought he was going to tear through my stomach. His body was like a machine and I was just a rag doll being used for his pleasure, over and over he pushed himself deeper inside me and before I could catch my breath my body began to tremble uncontrollably as an intense orgasm ripped through me as I bit hard into his shoulder to avoid screaming out loud. He kept fucking me hard, my body so petite under his huge frame there was nothing I could do but fuck back onto him, his huge cock felt like he was ripping me apart. He was now lifting me up with every stroke so I could feel the full length of him and he was really getting off on his power over me. Every time he slammed me back down onto him I felt his balls slap against my ass with the force as I could feel the pleasure bubbling up inside me again. He sucked hard on my nipple as he continued to fuck me with force and my body became limp in his arms as I peaked at another climax. He pushed himself deep inside me and rocked my hips gently to ease the last tremor of my orgasm out of my body, my face buried in his chest as I felt my legs spasm beneath me. His cock felt like it was as thick as it was long and as he lifted me off him I felt like there was part of me missing. He put me on my knees and his cock looked beautiful glistening in the soft lightening, coated in my orgasm. I took his whole length in my mouth and savoured the taste of myself over him. He placed his hands over my head and fucked my face gently, sweeping my hair off my face as I took him deep into my throat and devoured every last drop of his delicious cum. I sat back on my knees to try and pull myself together, my body felt like it had been hit by a train and my pussy was still twitching with soft little waves of pleasure.

He helped me to my feet and kissed my forehead as he placed a fistful of £50 notes in my hands, he whispered in my ear that we must never speak of this but he would love to see me again…

Fleshlight threesome.

Chris will always be one of my favourite clients, I don’t see him that often as he is now a somewhat wholesome family man but he was the one who introduced me the world of enjoying sex toys as a couple and just how much fun they could be. He’s only a little older than me but he’s wise to the world and could tell you a tale or two about the rough London underworld and all the monsters in it, his gentlemanly manners teamed with an air of danger make him an addictive drug. We met at a Masonic ball a few years ago through mutual friends and we hit it off over a conversation about politics and the state of the country, his intelligence crept through his rough exterior and I found myself longing to be in his company. Having asked around he already knew what my game was and unlike most guys seemed pretty cool with it, I think the idea of us being a business arrangement rather than a romantic liaison really appealed to him and who was I to argue…

 He quickly become one of my favourite clients and I genuinely enjoyed my time with him, we explored a few UK cities together as he often travelled for his work in security and he was pretty much up for anything, anywhere and any time. He had a real thing for toys and sometimes would spend an hour or two just touching himself whilst I brought myself to orgasm after orgasm from using a toy he had thoughtfully bought for me. He seemed to love the idea of having me at his disposal but not being able to touch me… If I really put on a show I could even make him climax without any form of touching, his mind so engaged in what I was doing it was almost like he absorbed my pleasure. I loved the way he watched me, he hardly spoke we just seemed to read each others minds in what we wanted and it was him who gave me my first anal orgasm using only his tongue and a beautiful sculpted chrome dildo. Most of my collection were gifts from him and each of them holds a wicked story, especially the Fleshlight. It’s a shame I hardly see him any more, as the years rolled past he settled down with a girl and started a family etc. and his visits dwindled to only once or twice a year but he was always as passionate and as creative as I remember. It was only recently he called me out of the blue having bumped into one of our old friends and said he just couldn’t resist seeing me.

 Our night started as usual, he came over to my apartment with a plain black bag which I knew contained something special for us to use together. His beaming smile was infectious and he instantly made me feel at ease even though it had been a while since we had seen each other I was worried it may feel a lil awkward. Standing at around 5’10 he was looking better then ever after dropping a few pounds competing in marathons and cycling events for charity. His dark hair made his light eyes flame with energy as he wrapped me in a giant hug and told me how much he had missed me. His body felt firm against me as he broke away and cupped my face in his hands, barely saying a word he ran his lips from my forehead to my neck and gently ran his fingers through my hair. He smelt so good, he always smelt good and if I smell his fragrance on someone else I instantly think of him and it sends my mind into overdrive. I’ve missed him.

 No conversation was needed as he took his time unravelling my clothes piece by piece like I was a gift to him, wrapped in silken paper. His eyes drank in every inch of me as he ran his hands over the curve of my hips and up onto my breasts. He pushed me gently back against my living room, his mouth latched onto mine with a hungry passion. Just his touch made me glisten down below and I laid my hips back to give him access to the ache between my legs. I gently bit his lips and broke away from the kiss as his green eyes stared deep into mine. I pulled his finger to my lips, sucking on it gently as I guided his free hand towards my pelvis. I could see the outline of his thick cock through his trousers as I made a grab for his belt but to my surprise he broke free of our embrace and gestured at the bag he had brought with him. I slipped out from under him and picked up the bag, bending over at just the right angle to give him a perfect view of what was on offer, as he let out a soft laugh. I’ve never been disappointed with anything Chris has introduced me to in the past, from vibrating panties, dildos and love dolls to butt plugs and edible underwear we always have such fun and this was no exception. As I opened the bag for a closer inspection I couldn’t quite work out what it was, it certainly wasn’t a dildo…

 The Fleshlight felt heavy in my hand as I examined the contours of the the soft plastic, it had a realistic looking pussy lips with a clear internal canal so you can see exactly what goes on… I found myself feeling a mixture of jealousy and excitement at what Chris had in mind for us, I’ve never used such a toy before and I couldn’t wait to see how I measured up. There was no way I would let him get more pleasure from fucking a toy than fucking me, no matter what the fancy blurb on the box said! Without saying a word he led me to the bed and began lacing my whole body in kisses, I twirled the soft opening of the Fleshlight over my breasts as Chris ran his tongue over my thighs, his breath electric on my skin. He crawled up my body and laced kisses all over my face as his fingers danced on the moist opening of my pussy, my hips thrusting in rhythm with his pace. I arched my back desperate to feel him slide something inside but he laid on his back and beckoned for me to sit astride his face as he shook his magnificent erection free from his trousers, his body becoming my erotic playground. With the Fleshlight still in my hand I eased myself onto his face, my juicy pussy delicately bobbing just inches from his face. His breath felt so warm and inviting I was wide open and desperate to feel him taste me again. I leant forward to take him in my mouth but before I could bow my hand he placed his hand over mine and gestured for me to use the Fleshlight on him as he plunged his tongue deep inside me, the shock of pleasure almost knocking me over.

 The sight of the clear plastic sucking him in was mesmerising, I loved seeing his cock throb with every thrust. I started by gently easing in the tip, I would slide it just past the hilt where he would pulsate wildly desperate for more then pull back and watch his cock whimper in frustration. I was rocking back and forth on his tongue working my way to my own wild orgasm as I really got into the spirit of sharing him with a toy, I was feeling slightly jealous that a piece of plastic was giving him so much pleasure I had to intervene with my cock sucking skills just to remind him it could never compete with a real woman! I teased his tip over and over, edging the toy down on his shaft a tiny bit more with each stroke as he moaned into my pussy. I plunged the Fleshlight hard down onto him sending his cock into spasm as I watched in amazement how he twisted, throbbed and contorted in uncontrollable pleasure. Just as he was about to peak I threw the Fleshlight to the other side of the room and sucked down on him hard until I could feel him in the back of my throat. I kept him there as I rolled my neck back to look him in the eye as I felt spurt after spurt fill my mouth, the warm silken texture a joy to swallow down. He gasped in delight as I licked up every last drop with a smile on my face, as I sat back and let him return the favour…

 fleshlight threesome

He likes being watched.

There’s a well known fetish club night that frequents various venues around London that I can often be found in, usually wearing little more than latex underwear and a huge smile! I adore these nights as everyone is free to be whoever they wan to be without the fear of being judged and pretty much anything goes! The décor teeters between the sensual allure of ancient Egypt with white drapes and huge ornaments to the seedy Soho underworld of silk bedding and dim lighting. They celebrate the alternative and the fabulous, it’s not unusual to see an adult baby drinking whiskey with a vampire, or a group of business men sitting pretty with a gorgeous neon goth. Pretty much anything goes here, there’s a main room where you can dance and mingle or you can enjoy the tranquillity of the relaxation rooms which taper off to the couples area, laced with huge beds, floor to ceiling mirrors and an unwritten rule of sex being on the menu. A swift nod is all it takes to find a sexual partner and I’ve had many an adventure here…

My client Mehrdad is quite a character, the son to a Persian millionaire who owns a chain of trendy restaurants all over the capital. At just 22 he is one of my younger tricks but probably one of my favourites, he has an insane sexual appetite and is always up for trying new things. He stands at around 5’8 but has the presence of a giant, his cock is long, thick and really quite beautiful. His favourite thing to do is have me suck his cock whilst people watch, being public is this thing I am only too keen to be at his mercy. His deep brown eyes always twinkle, he’s the kind of guy a girl should stay away from but his magnetic personality pulls you right in and within minutes of being around him you’re putty in his hands. We always start with shisha at his place, he loves to undress me and watch the light, fruity smoke trail from my lips as I dance for him. It’s true men are visual creatures, but Mehrdad has a way of connecting with my body using just his eyes. They wash over me like liquid skin and make my whole body tingle. That night started out the same, I arrived at his place with my long mac done up right to my neck so he could peel it off me and give his approval to my outfit.

I was dressed to kill in black latex hot pants with matching nipple tassels with thigh length patent leather boots. He opened the door and his eyes lit up and that trademark grin spread across his face, he asked how I was and led me in where the shisha and my favourite pineapple juice were laid out next to the sofa. I never drink on the job, I’m not the biggest fan of alcohol but no matter how much trust I have in my client I always like to be fully aware of what’s going on around me… You can never be too careful! His lips touched mine as he handed me the pipe, and my coat fell open as we chatted about what we’d been up to. Merhdad was a wrestler and had a pretty big following in his native Iran and always had a hilarious story to tell. He pulled my coat open and ran his hands all over me, commenting on how amazing I looked and what a good time we were going to have…

The party was in full swing by the time we got there, I knew he’d know a bunch of people there and just like him they were all crazy and cool with a hidden inner freak. We danced in the main room with a few of his friends as he stole the show with eccentric persona. I sidled up to him and whispered in his ear I was wet for him, and I slid my hand down the soft latex of my shorts in full view of everyone then ran my finger along his lips. His eyes rolled back as my scent filled his senses and he pulled me in to kiss him and it felt like the world stood still as my horny aura melted into him. We broke away with pure lust in our eyes as he led me along the dim corridor to the relaxation room. The throbbing bass disappearing along with my inhibitions as he turned into me for another kiss. His hand glided over my  exposed stomach as he expertly rubbed my pussy through the latex, I smiled and bit my lip in surprise at the pleasure he was giving with just that single motion.

As my lust for him throbbed through my body I quickly scanned the area for somewhere we could get comfortable, my soft brown eyes rested upon a naked couple covered in tattoo’s who appeared to have been staring at us for quite some time. They looked so cool, calmed and relaxed just lying there stroking each other serene amongst the madness everything else going on. Whatever your flavour you would find it here, there were a group of guys in gimp masks watching an older couple indulge in an orgy and there were couples everywhere doing all sorts to each other. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, everyone seemed so free and full of energy I could almost tasted the orgasms in the air. Mehrdad laid me at the foot of the bed in front of the tattooed couple and parted my legs as he sunk to his knees. I laid my head back and ran my hands over my breasts as he slowly began to remove my hot pants, the latex tight to my body with a mixture of sweat and anticipation. His eyes locked mine as he peeled them off me and held them up to his face, sighing deeply as the pussy laced rubber scent filled the air. I felt the presence of more eyes on us as he opened me up with his hand and expertly slipped a finger inside making my whole body come alive. He teased me over and over by sliding in his finger whole and feeling me from the inside, this single motion was enough to make my legs spasm in ecstasy as he would slowly ease it out and gently fuck me using just his fingertip. My body writhed on the bed desperate for more as a crowd gathered to watch our exploits…

The feel of everyone’s eyes on me was too much as I came with a silent scream as Mehrdad continued to work his finger magic on me, my whole body consumed by my orgasm as I shook from head to toe in raw pleasure. Before I could catch my breath his head was between my legs as he lapped furiously at the liquor which came from within. I grabbed his head and began to grind my soaking wet pussing into his face as he tongue fucked me with suck force  the bed was shaking. I was too lost in the moment to see what was going on around me but when I felt a hand snaking across my breast I knew it didn’t belong to Mehrdad. My eyes snapped open as the tattooed female shot me a sinister smile as her fingers tweaked and pulled on my nipple. My mouth opened but nothing came out as I felt the familiar twinge of pleasure brewing inside me. Her mouth clamped onto mine as I came again and felt myself spray all over Mehrdads tongue, soft murmurs were coming from the crowd as my body twisted in orgasm over his face. I was now a quivering mess as I bit the lip of my female playmate, her soft skin felt so good next to mine as her colourful, perfect body begged me to touch her me to touch her. I wound my fingers through her hair and kissed her hard as my hand traced down her body until I felt her smooth, moist pussy sprawled open and ready for me.  Just when I thought my body couldn’t take any more I felt Merhdad’s large, muscular arms on my thighs as he slowly drove his thick cock inside me. I instinctively brang my knees up to my chest to give our audience a better view as he ploughed in and out of me in a slow and steady rhythm. I could feel my pussy pulsate around him as he slowly fucked me, once again teasing me with the tip just so I would moan and beg for him to sink all the way back in. All the time this was going on my female partner, who was now sitting on my face was sucking off her boyfriend as he stood in front of us with both hands behind his head… What a sight. She tasted so good, she was crouching over me just enough so I could lick and finger her cute little pussy just how she liked it. She seemed to love bouncing on my fingers, short little bursts of pleasure as she took her boyfriend deep in her throat. He couldn’t take any more as he grabbed her and carried her across the room, throwing her against the wall and fucking her like his life depended on it. She looked like a ragdoll in his arms, overcome with pleasure she simply shook from head to toe as he pounded into her. Just us two, Merhdads strokes were becoming longer and harder as he grabbed my hips and forced himself deeper and deeper inside me. His cock furiously stabbing at my insides as he growled in pleasure, using my body for his orgasm. As his head fell back and his cock twitched inside me he pulled out and came all over my stomach, his thick load coating my torso.  To the remaining members of the crowd who hadn’t paired off to fuck each others brains out, I beckoned them over to let them add to the creamy mess on my body.

the show

His foot fetish.

I hadn’t known Martyn long but I remember him from my days as a stripper, he was known on the scene as he promoted a few club nights etc. and was a regular. He seemed to know everyone, he had that ‘look at me’ sort of air about him that struck me as arrogant but behind closed doors he wasn’t very popular and I often overheard unsavoury conversations about him from the doormen. He had a keen eye for the girls and wasn’t shy on splashing the cash and letting everyone know he wasn’t doing too badly for himself. Tall and gangly with strawberry blonde hair he really wasn’t what I would class as attractive but the way he held himself and his somewhat cold attitude made the girls fall over themselves for his attention, well as they say… Women love a bastard. He seemed to keep his distance from me as I later found out he knew an ex boyfriend of mine, but if things were different I knew he would of been all over me and I couldn’t help but feel a flutter of excitement when he was around, I’m not used to a man not falling for my charms… We were like the Romeo & Juliet of the strip club. I bumped into him at an event as as usual he was playing the big shot, I didn’t think he would recognise me but as our eyes met he smiled and walked over to me. He couldn’t stop staring at my feet and complimented my shoes, I thought this a little odd as he didn’t seem too into fashion himself and wasn’t the type to give out compliments so easily. He ordered  a bottle of champagne and we got chatting about the old days and I found myself warming to him. He knew why I was there and he ran his finger down my arm as he whispered in my ear ‘I would love to take you home’. His breath on my neck sent a shiver down my spine and I felt myself turned on as I knew he didn’t give every girl this treatment. A true professional, I looked him dead in the eye and told him exactly what I wanted to do to him as he licked his lips and his eyes widened in excitement… I then flashed a smile and told him it wasn’t going to be free… He swiftly finished his drink and said his car was outside. The short drive back to his he spent with his hand on my knee as he admired my legs and feet, he kept complimenting me on how soft my skin was and how beautiful I looked. He was smiling to himself throughout the whole journey, especially when we stopped at a set of traffic lights and I pulled his hand into my lap so he could feel how wet I was already…. His house was absolutely beautiful, we were the same age and I was slightly amused at how he had made such a lovely home for himself doing what he did until I saw evidence this was in fact his parents house, and his Mum had left out instructions on how to use the washing machine etc. I guess they were on holiday or something. He gave me a cocky explanation on how he had it made, his Mum did everything for him and he didn’t pay any rent like it was going to impress me. As we stood in his parents immaculate kitchen I couldn’t help but look a tad crestfallen as I had expected him to somewhat live up to his ‘bad boy’ image of girls, violence and money when the reality was he was just a Mummy’s boy who thought too highly of himself. I slapped myself back into work mode as I seductively walked towards him and ran my fingers through his hair as he awkwardly put his arms around me. He leant in to kiss me with his eyes tightly shut and his lips pursed like a dogs bottom. It was a horrifying sight. I kissed him softly and tried to get him to relax a bit as I teased my tongue into his mouth only to be greeted with mountains of saliva and his teeth attacking my lips like a Tiger faced with a dead Zebra. I’ve never kissed anyone like this before, it was so awkward I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with myself and I was totally regretting the whole thing already. I was wearing a loose babydoll dress that sat just above the knee and we both knew I looked good. He pulled me up against the cool granite worktop and with my legs dangling he began caressing the backs of my knees and lacing my neck with his slobbery kisses. I laid my head back as I tried not to grimace at his touch, his clumsy tongue making my insides recoil in horror, violated by his excitement. His hands parted my legs with ease as I wrapped them around his neck desperate not to have his mouth anywhere near my face. I grabbed his hair and gently pushed his head in the direction of my pussy, but to my surprise he sunk to his knees and began running his tongue the whole length of my thighs. One at a time, like a snail who had too much beer his incompetent tongue slithered up and down my limbs as he looked up at me under his mop of ginger hair as if to seek approval. I put on my best ‘I’m having fun’ face as he smiled a gawky grin and carried on lavishing my legs with saliva. I let my heels fall to the floor as from my hips to my toes he was really going to town, I pulled my breasts out and cupped them as I looked down on him suckling on my ankles and found myself getting strangely turned on as he lavished attention on my feet. I pushed the sole of my foot onto his face as as he laughed and licked it from the heel up… He seemed to be really getting off on this. I did the same with the other foot as I spread my toes over his entire face as he kissed, licked and sucked as much of them as he could. He took my big toe in his mouth as he unzipped his fly and took his cock in his hand. It wasn’t very big and looked even less impressive surrounded by the bush of his pubic hair. He was taking each toe in his mouth and sucking it before running his tongue between them before moving onto the next. I was getting pretty hot by him doing this and began to touch myself through my underwear. As my fingers lightly pressed onto my clit Martyn was working stroking himself harder and harder as my toes popped in and out of his mouth. He kissed my instep as he pulled both my legs forward so my feet were on his cock… I knew where this was going and I couldn’t wait to feel him cum all over my feet and then see if I could make him lick it off. I can be a kinky bastard too you know! He laid back as my feet got to work, I held them together and rubbed his shaft down enough to expose his sensitive head. As I pulled my feet back up I could already see the small stream of cum trickling out as his eyes rolled back and his face turned into a smug grin of satisfaction. I loved the feel of his warm load between my toes, I continued to rub his cock up and down with my feet as I curled my toes over the tip making sure I made a mess of every drop as I felt his cock go limp. I looked him dead in the eye as I parted my legs and stretched out over him as his silky fine cum ran off my feet and gathered in little pools on his chest. Not content with my pussy not getting any attention, I jumped down and placed my lips around his limp member and rotated his cock round and round in my mouth until I felt him grow in my mouth and ready for round 2. Still sensitive, Martyn squirmed as I flicked my tongue out and laid it flat on his balls whilst I continued to suck down on the rest of him. Sometimes, a smaller cock can be fun when it comes to oral as I can showcase some of my best skills without the fear of being chocked! He threw his hands behind his head and rotated his hips in time with me, the subtle flavour of his load still fresh I cleaned him up good before throwing my hair back and crouching over him, backwards. I bent over to give him a full view of my perfect, full ass and hoisted my dress up to my hips to make sure he didn’t miss anything. I looked back at him as I lowered myself onto his cock, easing him in slowly and bouncing up and down on just the tip to tease him to another explosive orgasm. I love riding cock reverse cowgirl, I swirled my hips round on his tip, lowered myself forward so he could see my eager pussy sucking him in, I wanted him to beg me to take him fully. I wanted to hear him say my name as I fucked him into next week…

‘Your ass is a work of art!’ He was getting excited now. I continued fuck just the tip round and round, I bucked my hips side to side and withdrew him almost fully out before edging down on him again and clenched my pussy as hard as I could. He pushed up, desperate to be further inside… I sunk down onto his cock taking the whole of him inside me and held him inside me, balls deep before I rocked forward and reached around to open my pussy lips to show him just how wet I was. He was staring at my pussy in amazement as I continued to push back on him deep and hard, my ass crashing back onto him as I fucking him like a corkscrew, feeling him hit every inch of my slippery walls. I was lost in myself over and over again, for a small cock he was rock hard and I loved being able to maneuver myself on him. I flipped around to face him, his cock firmly inside me as I leant back on my hands and ran my slightly sticky feet all over my face as I bucked myself to an incredible orgasm. My whole body contracted as wave after wave of pleasure hit me and as my toes skimmed Martyn’s face I could feel his cock twitching inside me. I caught my breath and promptly sat on his face as I again took his entire cock in my mouth and as my lips hit the base I felt spurt after spurt of his creamy spunk fill my mouth. His voice was muffled, lost in my ass, which was saturated with my own orgasm as I sat forward and ran my breasts over his cock before kneeling over him and kissing him deeply, the sweet essence of my own climax dancing on my tongue with his.



Pussy real good, that pussy real good

Jacki-O you can’t be playing with that pussy now
Lemme lemme lemme see what you working with
I I I know it look real good but
I wanna get real close to it
Poe Boy
I wanna get real close to it come on

I get diamonds, big old pearls
Brand new cars, cause I got my girl
She my best friend, she keeps it real
I love my pussy, pussy pay my bills
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She so good, wet indeed

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Ya momma don’t like me, she say I’m no good
What she don’t know is, I got you pussy whooped
He need this pussy, he smell this pussy
He wanna taste this pussy, you gotta pay for pussy
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Police pull me over, they don’t write no tickets’
All between my legs, tryin to eat me


Girl I don’t pay for weed, I get in clubs free
In V.I.P. and we drinking bubbly
It’s so fat, to be in G-Strings
And it’s so swoll, you can see the print in my jeans
That pussy pussy
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Collect calls from jail, he just want some stuff
Tryin to get a bond, he wanna beat it up


Da the da the da the da the da the daaaaa [x4]

American Pussy, Hatian Pussy
Cuban Pussy, Bahamian Pussy
Puertorican Pussy, Jamaican Pussy
Poe Boy
Girls we got power, cause we got pussies

Put me in a movie.

Have you ever filmed yourself having sex? For security reasons I tend not to indulge in the act too much these days but in the early days I loved acting like a porn star and putting on a show. Being filmed is such a turn on, it makes you put on your best performance and seeing yourself from the angle of your lover is mind blowing! I absolutely adore erotic pornography, and that is the style of what I pride myself on. I want my partner to explore my emotions, my feelings and I want them to be perfectly in tune with my body so when we climax it’s so much more than just sex. I’m very good at giving the ‘girlfriend experience’ as it’s all I know. I don’t just have sex, I make love, art and so much more. One of my regular clients Rob has been booking me since as far as I can remember, I thought him a bit odd as first as he didn’t really like to make conversation and was into some real freaky stuff but we’ve established a good friendship over the years and I’ve always felt very safe in his company which enabled me to indulge in his fantasies and explore a different side of me. Like most men he’s very visual, and sometimes he would simply just want to watch me getting myself off whilst standing over me pleasuring himself and he really enjoyed inserting objects inside me and taking a photo. I don’t see him that often but I always look forward to his visits, he’s crazy… But good crazy. I think. He always loved to fuck me whilst watching porn and I know it wouldn’t be too long before he suggested filming us which is not something I would generally do as I don’t want to log on YouPorn and see myself bouncing away! Low and behold he called me, and asked if he could bring his camera strictly for his own pleasure. Now of course I have my own recording equipment having dabbled in being a cam girl and I also did a short stint on a very well known TV channel in my younger days. Like I said Rob is a very private person so I doubt he would be the type to plaster the tape all over the internet but you can never be too safe so I agreed on the basis we film using my equipment, my face is never fully displayed and I will keep the original copy and I will send him an edited version so I know for sure my true identity is never revealed, he agreed and I actually got a little twinge of excitement! I hadn’t made a blue movie since my teenage days with boyfriends and being a perfectionist, I wanted to see my performance as well as how hot it would be to actually see a guy fucking me…

He arrived at my apartment with a big smile and greeted me with flowers and a bottle of my favourite champagne which started things nicely. He was my last client of the day and I felt like an actress waiting in the wings in my silk gown and high heels. My bedroom was spotless and I had lit a Jo Malone candle to set the scene and fragrance the air with honey blossom, the flickering light was beautiful and my silk bedding felt amazing against my skin. A mountain of a man, Rob stood at 6’5 with salt and pepper hair and had a rugged, but handsome face and perfect white teeth. He could pick me up with one hand but was one of the most tender lovers I had the pleasure of fucking. In perfect proportion, his cock was huge, thick and he came like horse! I felt so small and dainty next to him, and I loved how he stroked my hair and kissed my forehead before he left. He liked me calling him ‘Daddy’ which I found a little odd but when his cock was inside me I would have said anything to keep it there. With the camera already set up and live recording directly to my huge tv I pointed to the glowing red light and gave Rob a wink… I lounged back on the bed as I sipped on my champagne and ran my stocking clad feet up up his back and all around his neck as he made himself comfy perched on the end with a perfect view. He grabbed my feet and began gently sucking my toes through the thin material of my stockings, nibbling on the end of my toes and running his tongue up and down my soles. I peeped up through my long lashes at the image of us on the screen, we looked so beautiful. Rob turned to face me and on his knees he slid his hands up my waist and slowly began to unravel my stockings down my legs, kissing them as every new piece of flash was revealed. He looked like all his Christmases had come at once as the glint in his eyes became lost in me as he gingerly took off my clothes, piece by piece, layer by layer. I was now on my side in just my panties smiling  down at him as his gaze met mine and my legs fell open as he crept up to kiss me. The feel of his huge body on mine was incredible, and I could feel his hard on dancing on my clit through my underwear, my pussy growling for some attention. He pulled both of my arms over my head as his kisses grew move intense and he began to thrust himself into me, the damp patch in my underwear was now clearly visible as he peeked down and turned to grin at the camera. He grabbed the camera from the cabinet and zoomed in on my pussy, gently parting my lips with his fingers to really see how slick I was. He slipped a finger inside as I let out a small moan and pushed myself down onto it. My own hands clawed at my breasts as the camera explored my entire body, with his free hand as the tour guide. His hand, with his finger still covered in my pussy juice delicately pressed down on my nipple and as it hit the cool air my whole body shuddered in delight, I loved watching myself on screen, I twisted on my side and lifted my leg in the air as Rob’s pussy sodden finger finally removed my underwear and continued to play a sweet melody on my pussy as I twitched in time with his hand, every fibre of my body telling him I needed more.

It was almost as if I had shouted a demand, Rob’s face was buried between my legs in an instant… Camera still in hand. Watching my pussy being eaten from the view of the eater is really something special. I loved seeing his tongue stroke my labia and the way his hand crept under my bottom so he could get a a better angle on me. Seeing my sweet nectar glisten off his chin blown up on screen was such an intense turn on, I didn’t want to watch any more I just wanted him inside me. I needed him inside me. He was so good at eating my pussy as much as I didn’t want him to stop I was too turned on at the thought of watching his huge cock stretch me open from his view and come out all wet and shiny… Like a new penny in the rain. I flipped on my front and pushed my ass in the air, straight away the camera was zooming in as I grinded into the bed, my ass rippling with the motion.

‘Oh God’ Rob breathed as I put on a little show for the camera, I licked my finger and began fondling my pussy, starting at my clit and stroking myself right up to my ass hole. Rob slapped my ass as I bounced it for the camera… It looked amazing on screen, and it wasn’t long before I heard Rob’s jeans drop to the floor as he sidled up behind me as his huge cock slapped against my pussy. It looked even bigger on screen and I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me. I bounced my ass up and down his cock, my leaking pussy lubricating him perfectly. It was such a turn on seeing what Rob could see, I loved watching his cock pulsate against me as I grinded into him. His sticky pre cum was all over me and I was so wet I was starting to ache for him. Reading my mind, he grabbed my hair and thrust his cock deep inside me. My eyes firmly on the TV it was just how I imagined, my tight pussy was stretched apart as it sucked him in as I watched myself contract around him. He drove himself all the way to the hilt before pulling slowly out and directing at the camera at his cock. It was covered in me and looked so good I wanted to taste it. He fucked me from behind slowly completely in awe at how my pussy kept sucking him back in as my whole body contracted with pleasure. Watching his cock slide in and out of me whilst feeling him inside was too much and I came hard and fast, my whole body buckled as I pushed back against him desperate for one more inch. I watched in amazement as he pulled out and my own cum gushed out of me and ran down my thighs, the camera catching everything as Rob sunk into my ass. As I was so relaxed he just slipped straight in, I felt my ass hole almost welcome him as he thrust into me with a handful of my bouncing ass to steady himself. He fucked me so hard I felt his balls bouncing off me, he was so deep it was almost like he was opening me up all over again as the camera focused on my breasts which were bouncing all over the place. I sat up slightly to give him more control and fondled my breasts, swirling at my nipples and biting my lip. I bounced back on his cock over and over until I felt him shake and fill me with his delicious cum. It feels so good having a hot load in your ass, so taboo. He fucked it all into me until I felt him fall limp and withdraw out of me. I looked at the screen, at all this mess dripping out of me and wanted him in me again. I put my ass back in the air and used my fingers to work the cum from my ass into my pussy as I quickly brought myself to another orgasm. My fingers were dancing in cum all over my body and Rob  could only murmur his approval as I came hard and made a mess of myself once again. I turned to him and gave him a long, slow kiss as the camera scanned my sticky, sweaty, exhausted body for the final time.

We giggled as we watched it back and Rob gave me a massage, still covered in his cum he worked it into my back and breasts as I laid back and rated my performance in my head… His cock was so thick I don’t know how I was able to accommodate him without being split it half! The way my pussy clung to him was so erotic, like it didn’t want to let go. We grabbed a quick shower and he fucked me against the wall whilst looking me in the eye and telling me how beautiful I am…. The perfect end to a perfect night. I promised I’ld edit the tape and send him a copy in the morning, he smiled as he kissed me goodbye, knowing full well our little video nasty will definitely be on his playlist for some time!

Ice ice baby.

Some of my clients book me purely as a travel partner and more than once we’ve literally just done that. I’ve been to some incredible places all over the world and done the whole tourist thing without my pussy taking a pounding. These clients are generally happily married but just want a beautiful woman hanging off their arm to have an adventure with and simply to simply enjoy the company of. Jon was one of these clients, a low key celebrity chef who had absolutely no problem with the ladies but booked me as he knew we would always have a good time. He travelled the world learning about new cuisines and was really into the culture of wherever he was visiting, I had some of the best times with Jon as we were around the same age and got on well. Standing at around 6’ft with dark hair and a gym honed physique Jon was quite the catch! Always smiling with brooding dark eyes framed by slick, designer glasses it was easy to see why he had quickly become so popular so early in his career. Sex was never on the agenda with Jon, he had a long term model girlfriend but she couldn’t just get up and go jump on a plane to visit India or Dubai etc. at the drop of a hat like he could. These guys are proof it’s not just older, married men that use the services of an escort, like the media would have you believe! Jon had a last minute trip to Italy to film an advert over there and I jumped at the chance. Besides being a client we were also good friends and I always enjoyed watching his YouTube videos and we often exchanged friendly emails. Assigned as his ‘PA’ I went pretty much everywhere with him and he treated me like royalty. Although we slept in the same bed he was always so tired from working and sightseeing with me sex never happened, and with respect to his girlfriend (who he constantly kept in touch with) I never made the first move, I just enjoyed our time together and made sure I was amazing company. This trip was a little different though… His fan base abroad were insane and I could see the attention went slightly to his head as he really threw himself into the party scene and took great pleasure in all the hot, Italian models hanging on to his every word. Ever the professional, I kept my distance and stood back whilst he let his hair down and didn’t involve myself with any other men.

We had an amazing time exploring Rome and I couldn’t have asked for better company. We shared the same crazy humour and both had the same ‘up for anything’ attitude, maybe in a different life he could have been the man for me…  As the final day of filming drew to an end the crew all went to a VIP bar to celebrate but Jon wasn’t feeling too great after going crazy since we got there so we headed off back to the hotel for an early night. We got to the room and it felt so good to kick my heels off and just hang out with Jon, we ordered a bottle of champagne and lounged around watching TV whilst he went over what he’d done over the past few days and made a few calls. As he came back to where I was sitting I noticed he looked pretty stressed, I asked if everything was OK and he broke out into a smile… ‘I love having you here Kat’. He looked me in the eye and sighed. I smiled and put my hand on his arm supportively. He took my hand and kissed it, and asked if I was hungry and wanted to head out for some food. I rested my head back on the chair and said I was game for whatever he wanted to do, it was still early but I was so comfortable and worn out I was happy to stay put and just hang out in the room. Jon sensed my mood and passed me the room service menu, he even offered to go in the kitchen and make me anything I wanted! He sat next to me and we pondered over what to get and he slipped his arm around me. His arms felt warm and inviting, and felt so big against my slender frame. I sank into him, it had been a while since I had enjoyed such an embrace and I couldn’t help but want more. He looked down on me and tenderly swept my hair off my forehead and gave me a gentle kiss. My eyes closed as I savoured the moment of his lips on mine, I felt so wanted. We kissed for what seemed like forever and I loved every second as his hands were all over me, his hands felt on fire as they stroked my thigh. I slid forward and let my skirt fall to the floor as he his jeans followed suit, in just his underwear he straddled me and I could almost smell the pleasure as his cock inched closer to my face. I ripped my shirt off and pulled his hips towards me as I looked up and him and bit my lip. He was already rock hard, I could see a small circle of pre cum starting to spread on his white boxing shorts as he ran a finger down my face. I yanked at his waistband and set his cock free, revelling in the scent and sight of such a huge member I had been secretly yearning for being as my disposal. I laid my tongue flat along the shaft drinking up his dribble as he pulled my hair off my face and called me a good girl. I ran my tongue up and down his entire length using his hips to move it. His cock tasted absolutely beautiful. You should all know by now oral is my forte and I could spent forever and a day with a huge pretty cock in my mouth and there was something about his that had a magnetic draw to me. I sucked his foreskin out and then slowly rolled it back, flicking my tongue over the exposed tip which had him squirming in delight. I continued to work my magic until he was shaking and couldn’t control himself any more, I felt his cock twitch as I drew him deep in my throat and I felt him explode and his load hit the pit of my stomach. I let my tongue work on his balls as he continued to fill my throat with spurt after spurt and he was pulling at my hair like he was on a wild horse murmuring obscenities and saying my name… A job well done!

He took a second to recover as his limp tool slid out of my mouth with a satisfying slap back against his crotch. He started laughing and complimented me on my skills as leant back and told me to take my bra off. He stood up, not taking his eyes off mine and I laid my legs out flat and beckoned for him to remove my tights. He got on to the floor and grabbed the top with his teeth and dragged them off me within seconds (I gave a sexy little wiggle to help!) and I unclipped my bra as my huge breasts spilled out in front of him. He gasped and took them both in his hands as his fingers expertly tugged at my nipples. Our room had a fancy shower leading directly off the bedroom and it looked like the perfect place to continue a I stood up in my full naked glory and let him to the shower. He whipped his shirt off and threw it at me as he pinched my bum and threw up against the glass shower door, my pussy already soaking wet at the thought of his huge, beautiful cock being inside me. Before he made another move I slid out of his grasp and grabbed the ice bucket with what was left of our champagne and set it beside us as his arms crept round me and he began kissing my neck, moving down until he was at the small of my back. I reached for the champagne before stepping inside the shower cubicle dragging him with me. I laid flat against the wall and poured the champagne over my breasts, the cooling bubbles ran down my down my body and slowly dripped off my pussy as Jon watched in awe. He sunk to his knees and lapped away at my pussy, not missing as single drop as I pushed my hips forward and spread my legs apart. With his hands on my thighs he thrust his tongue inside me with such force I almost lost my balance,   it felt so good I thought I was going to pass out. I took a swig of of the champagne and let the rest flow over me, desperate for Jon to keep fucking me with that amazing tongue of his. He was really good at eating my pussy, his tongue was firm, strong and knew exactly which spots to hit. I was now on tiptoes completely lost in the moment when I felt a numbing sensation along my thigh. Jon was still tongue deep in me, rolling an ice cube up and down my inner thigh. I sunk to the floor, my legs unable to keep me up as I saw his cock was rock hard again and ready for round two. He rolled the ice cube over my breasts, circling my nipples and then down to my pussy as short gasp escaped my lips. It felt absolutely incredible. The ice cube melted down into my ass as he pulled my legs apart and suck his cock deep inside me, my legs kicked out in pleasure as the warmth of him inside me combined with the cool, numbing sensation was too much for me to handle and I came instantly. My entire body shook in pleasure as he continued to pound away at me…

We showered together after and then flopped into bed with a room service pizza, content, happy and satisfied. We’re still good friends and he’s booked me a few more times and the sex is always amazing… Although I do feel he carries a bit of guilt for his girlfriend as he never wants to talk about it, it’s like our little secret.